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The only discord bot you probably need to power up your community.
Cosmos is a general purpose bot made for Discord. It has been developed taking care of everyone's needs and interests. Designed to help server administrators with managing their communities as well as includes plugins and features for all of the casual discord users. It is an open source project actively being developed updated frequently with adding new and exciting features along with the important fixes whenever required. Need a feature it doesn't has? We are open to your suggestions and will look forward to implement them.

Key Features

  • Text and voice Levelling with assignable roles or points as rewards for different levels.
  • Role Shop to purchase roles using earned points.
  • React to get roles.
  • Direct and channel based customized Welcome Messages.
  • Welcome Banners to welcome new members using custom static or GIF images.
  • Moderation plugin including member and server logs for major events.
  • Auto Moderation system based on triggers and different actions.
  • Discord User, Member custom profiles and much more.

Not Enough?

We continuously keep working on it to introduce new features and also improve the existing ones. The bot receives updates very frequently, almost every other day.

Getting Started

Go through the above link to invite Cosmos to your server which is hosted by us. The actual invite URL of Cosmos bot with default administrator permissions is:

The Community

For any kind of help and support regarding Cosmos or anything else, you're welcome to join our discord server.
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To contribute to the development of Cosmos bot, feel free to create a new pull request on github.
Hosting Cosmos bot requires efficient and expensive servers which keeps Cosmos bot online with least downtimes. Your support will encourage and help us a lot with the constant development process and power the servers to keep it up online all of the times. 💛
Visit our community to claim your rewards and perks you get for your support.
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