A plugin to implement text or voice levelling feature in server and related commands.

Displays current rank, level and experience points gained in current server.
- levels
- rank
;level [member]

Displays current rank, level and experience points gained globally across all mutual servers.
- cosmos
- globals
;level global [member]

Displays any rewards set for specified or all of the levels. Optionally pass text to view Text Levels rewards and voice for Voice Levels rewards.
Available Options
  • channel -- The levelling channel to set rewards for. Can be either of text or voice. Defaults to text.
  • points -- Amount of guild points to awards. Which can be used and redeemed by members in role shop.
- rewards
;level reward [channel=text] [level]

Set rewards for specified Text or Voice Levels.
You can set one or multiple roles and optionally Guild Points as rewards.
;level reward set <level> [channel=text] [points=0] <roles...>

Remove any Text or Voice Level rewards set for specified level.
- delete
;level reward remove <level> [channel=text]

WARNING: This resets everyone's XP of specified channel, either text or voice. If no channel is specified it resets both, everyone's Text and Voice XP. This will not effect existing awards like role or points that has already been awarded to members.
- reseteveryone
;level resetall [channel=both]
# To reset everyone's text XP.
;level resetall text
# To reset everyone's voice XP.
;level resetall voice
# To reset everyone's both text and voice XP.
;level resetall

Configure many Levels settings in your server and customize it as you want it to be.
Available Configurations
  • stack -- Determines if the roles given as level rewards should be stacked or not. Meaning if its
    set to no, the role rewards for earlier levels will be removed automatically on attaining the next level.
- config
- configs
- configuration
;level configure [channel=text] [stack=yes]
# Disable roles stack for text levelling.
;level configure no
# Disable roles stack for voice levelling.
;level configure voice no
# Enable back stacking of voice levelling.
;level configure voice yes
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