Auto Moderation

An Auto Moderation plugin based on triggers and actions.

Server Administrators can create different triggers and specify various actions for it. The bot responds and performs all of the actions which were specified for this trigger when a member violates its protocol. A single trigger can have multiple actions set.

Available Triggers:

  • links -- Triggers when message contains any URL or links.

  • spoilers -- Triggers when a member sends any kind of spoiler content.

  • emoji_spam -- Triggers when there are lots of emotes in a single message.

  • banned_words -- Triggers when a message contains any of the banned or blacklisted words.

  • mass_mentions -- Triggers when there are lots of mentions in a single message.

  • discord_invites -- Triggers when a message contains invites to different discord servers.

Available trigger Actions:

  • delete -- Deletes the message which invoked the trigger.

  • warn -- Warns the member who invoked the trigger.

  • mute -- Mutes the member who invoked the trigger by adding the muted role.

  • kick -- Kicks the member who invoked the trigger.

  • ban -- Bans the member who invoked the trigger.


Displays all of the active triggers along with their actions.

- trigger
- violation
- violations

;triggers create

Sets a new Auto Moderation trigger with specified actions.

- set
- add
;triggers create <trigger> [actions...]
# Create trigger to automatically warn and delete the message for discord invites.
;triggers create discord_invites warn delete
# Trigger to automatically mute someone when they mass mention.
;triggers create mass_mentions mute

;triggers remove

Removes specified Auto Moderation trigger.

- delete
;triggers remove <trigger>


Blacklists or bans specified word. To make it work, first set banned_words Auto Moderation trigger.

- bannedwords
- banwords
;banword [word]

;banword clear

Removes all of the currently blacklisted or banned words.

- clean
- purge
;banword clear