User Verification
Lets users verify themselves before they can join your server. You can implement several verification methods.

Primary command to setup several verification methods.

Set the role which will be assigned to unverified members to keep them locked away from accessing normal channels and let them go through the verification process.
;verification role <role>

Removes the verification role hence disabling all of the verification methods from the server.
;verification role remove

Primary command for reaction verification method.

Set react to verify method to authenticate users to your server.
You can specify the message ID or message URL if you want this reaction to be added over a custom message otherwise the default embed is used for the same. The emote you want to use for reacting, custom URLs for icon and image and description text or default values will be used.
- setup
;verification reaction set [message] [channel] [emote] [icon_url] [image_url] [description]

Removes the reaction verification method from the server.
- delete
;verification reaction remove
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