This plugin provides few useful utility commands.


Make bot send a neat embed with all provided attributes. Useful for making server information sections.
You do NOT need to specify every property, only the ones you want.
All properties and the syntax:
  • title=
  • description=
  • color=
  • image= (must be https)
  • thumbnail=
  • author= OR author=name= icon=
  • footer= OR footer=name= icon=
  • field=name= value= (you can add as many fields as you want)
  • ptext=
  • After the command is sent, the bot will delete your message and replace it with the embed.
  • Make sure you have it saved or else you'll have to type it all again if the embed isn't how you want it.
  • Hyperlink text like so: text
  • Force a field to go to the next line with the added parameter inline=False
;embed [msg]
;embed title=test this | description=some words | color=3AB35E | field=name=test value=test